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The 'Castroni' Group

Out History

Castroni Group was founded in Rome in 1932 and from now on its activity has been continuously growing up.

At the moment, it has 8 shops on the most elegant streets in the centre of the city, not to mention its own manufacture establishments situated in Pomezia (Rome industrial zone), which makes a total of 80 employees and more than 2.000 sq. m.

Castroni specialises in the roasting and blending of the finest coffees (which are the most emblematic product of the Group) and markets Italian and foreign delicatessen.

Extreme courtesy, professionalism and elegance distinguish its service and its staff. Castroni, which was the indisputable pioneer of international delicatessen trade in Italy, boasts now 50 years of experience and has definitively conquered its customers' confidence as a result of its unbreakable research of the highest quality.

Not long after the dawn of the millennium, Castroni's main objective is to enlarge its onward development by reaching the global market, helping the redrawing of gastronomy trading patterns with new reference points.

Castroni's shops in Rome

  • Cola di Rienzo [Google Maps]

    Address: Via Cola di Rienzo 196/198

    Phone: 06-6874383

  • Boccea [Google Maps]

    Address: Via Boccea, 173/175

    Phone: 06-6625779

  • Catania [Google Maps]

    Address: Via Catania, 54

    Phone: 06-44244197

  • Flaminia [Google Maps]

    Address: Via Flaminia, 28/32

    Phone: 06-3611029

  • Ottaviano [Google Maps]

    Address: Via Ottaviano, 55

    Phone: 06-39723279

  • Quattro Fontane [Google Maps]

    Address: Via della Quattro Fontane, 38

    Phone: 06-4882435

  • Balduina [Google Maps]

    Address: Piazza della Balduina, 1/1A

    Phone: 06-35496806

  • Irnerio [Google Maps]

    Address: Piazza Irnerio, 73/74

    Phone: 06-66000187